10 November, 2015

Gee, It Is Tough Being Black Today!

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Blacks get 5 different kinds of welfare, and food stamps, and government-subsidized housing, and Affirmative Action favoritism in jobs and in college, yet all they do is complain about how “tough” their lives are. I should have it so tough! Would the Blacks rather go back to Africa and live in the jungle? Betcha not. But even worse than the Black complaining is the Whites giving in to the Black demands. Whites built America. We should never give in to the Black demands.

[Article] and [Article].

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  7. 8 Responses to “Gee, It Is Tough Being Black Today!”

    1. Luke Says:

      Here is a solution that Yankee Jim used every opportunity that he was given to advocate:

      Wean yourself off of being a anus licking, savage negro beast sports worshiping, nauseating negro taliwhacker sucking piece of white racial shit, White Man.

      Stop paying your hard earned money to attend ANY of these negro infested college or NFL football games, White man. Stop wasting your time watching and salivating over these negroes on your TV, White man.

      Find another useful hobby, preferably one that will be oriented towards your survival once CW2 arrives at your door step. Hobbies like getting into HAM radio, or reloading ammunition, or learning wood-crafting skills like hunting, fishing, tracking, and basic survival oriented skills.

      Yankee Jim once said that it was no wonder that White fathers were seeing their white daughters bringing negro beasts home as boyfriends – because, after spending their entire adolescent lives watching Dad and their brothers worshiping negro sports ‘stars’ their TV every weekend – these White daughter got the idea in their heads that handing the keys to their pussy to a savage negro beast was the best way to please and win the approval of their stupid White male family members.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      “The Negro, by himself, is not bad. He is actually a likable sort. It is those who exploit him, use him as a battering ram to destroy society . . . they are the evil ones.

      “In America, this situation will not ever improve. Ever. Too many people are invested in the Negro, invested in a very bad way.”

      Tim McGreen, via a spiritualist medium

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Wise words from Tim at the ‘portals of valhalla’. However, if we skim through the pages of great literature, we find that mediums and similar types are treated with great suspicion, not for what they disclose but for what they withhold. Half truths are more damaging than outright lies.
      Tim’s statement is factual and true, but it implies there is no hope of change. We are working for solutions and if necessary revolution.

    4. nom de kwa Says:

      Yes things will only get worse in the KWA . Donald Trump will not save your a$$, since he can’t make any nightmare go away with such stupid campaigning slogans , like “Make America great again” Why don’t he say “Make America White!” The Xian retards will continue to support the nigger shaman Ben Carson despite by his own admission he’s an attempted murderer, who is likely to go ape in a JEW dork minute.
      The message to White is clearly spelled or misspelled out each day in our local JEW rag, with a daily front line about Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, and a celebration of Mexican zombies, worshipping an exhumed saint from Italy.

    5. nom de kwa Says:

      Notice that the kosher Donald , seconded his supposed rival Rubio the Spic, by calling for more military spending, in this last debate, @ the same time NETTENNJEWHOO shows up to demand more money for the SHITTY!!

    6. Big Man Says:

      “We should never give in to the Black demands.”

      You’re an idiot, Alex!

    7. Big Man Says:

      Jews own the Federal Reserve, when are they going to have a Black Federal Reserve chairman?


    8. Big Man Says:

      Sorry I called you an idiot Alex, please don’t tell my ISP on me.