24 November, 2015

The Uniformity of Black/White Race-Mixing

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Seen on the TV: several commercials featuring Black males and White females as romantic couples. I found these commercials to be not only repulsive, but curious, too, since they reflect real life: Every time I see a Black/White couple at a supermarket, the Black half of the couple is male and the White half is female. In other words, it’s never Black female/White male. It’s always Black male/White female. Wonder why? I think it’s because White males find Black females to be unattractive losers, whereas Black males find White females to be not only attractive, but cultural “prizes” to be won and flaunted in public; and some White females actually like the crude masculinity of Black males.

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  7. 16 Responses to “The Uniformity of Black/White Race-Mixing”

    1. Tim Says:

      Your forget to mention that white women who sleep with blacks are dumb and they deserve what they get. We are better off with 30 MILLION whites with better genes

    2. fd Says:

      All forms of media promote the idea that Negro males are more masculine that Whites males. Nothing is further from the truth. Negroes are immature for the most part.

      I have noticed that White girls who bed-down with Negroes take on a degraded look. You can see it in their face. It’s a slow death. A large percentage of young homeless White girls have been ousted from their families simply because they chose to be race mixers.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      “A fate worse than death”, is there such a thing? Most definitely! For a White woman to bed down with a negro is the ultimate in physical, moral and spiritual degradation. That is why jews promote it 24/7.

    4. fd Says:

      If you happen to see Heidi Klum on TV, look carefully and you will see the degrading darkness cast across her face mentally and physically. No amount of Hollywood cosmetology will allow her to escape it.

    5. fd Says:

      The Black Lives Matter outfit has transformed into a militant cult.

      This country has fallen so far that it’s held together only by Popular Despotism—compliments of the Federal government.

    6. Thomas Says:

      Black chicks are ugly. Almost as ugly as the fat white ladies that mix with Africans. But very few healthy white women willingly mix with chimps.

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      Good riddance to these white females. I would have more respect for them if they went about fucking crocs.

    8. Luke Says:

      Although I would agree with Alex on the White male-black female pairings being extremely rare, I have seen a few of these situations in the area where I live.

      I should point out that, being a veteran myself, that in nearly 100 percent of these sickening pairings – the White guy is usually a military guy, which is evidenced by their short hair cuts and generally awkward appearance of being a fish out of water. I live in a military town.

      The old criticism directed at young, White military guys being the most pathetically desperate and suicidally horny dogs in heat – was a stereotype that was based on solid fact. The majority of these guys, being stationed a long way from their home towns and circle of family and friends, and therefore somewhat insulated from the shame and humiliation that would normally be heaped upon them for such disgusting and immoral behavior – seem to think it is safe to lower their standards and engage in oil drilling because they cannot find a White female who will give them the time of day.

      This is extremely dangerous behavior – as evidenced by the CDC statistics on HIV/AIDS infections:


      Hence, a note for White females: Steer clear of White military guys or any other White guy who you know, or even suspect, has been drilling for oil on the dark side of the tracks.

    9. -JC Says:

      An awful lot of GIs bring home gook “war brides.” Is it just me or do Filipinos seem the worst and seem to be taking over some trades like nursing?

    10. Joe Says:

      As much as it hurts to turn ones back on his racial kindred, you have to look at the air-headed white women who bed down with lower raced men with a “good riddance” attitude. In the long run, having their obviously defective DNA out of our gene pool will only serve to strengthen the innate instincts of natural mate selection within our race. However, something MUST be done about the purposeful brainwashing being actuated by the malevolent tribe – without which much of this traitorous behavior of our women folk would not be happening.

    11. fd Says:

      Thom McQueen Says: “Good riddance to these white females. I would have more respect for them if they went about fucking crocs.” That’s funny and quite true.

    12. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Hey fd: Speaking of that slag Klum. I see her ex-kaffir Seal is now shagging the Ex-wife of the new boyfriend of the mulatto Mariah Carey, Who was the result of a White slapper and a kaffir.

    13. fd Says:

      Very interesting, Robert Cardillo. Filthy genetic garbage all over the place.

    14. -JC Says:


    15. Maynard Says:

      Check out the ads today in the newspaper for “Black Friday”. Look at all of the white girls and women shown posing with Negroes!! Brain washing starts early and often in this jew run society!

    16. jon Says:

      It is basically law now that this kind of crap happens now. The constant shame being put on you for being white. Plus the constant black supremacy messages being played in the media that these white women watch. They like to show the black men “look I will be your slave” not knowing she’s willfully adding to the inevitable end of the white race sickens me