24 December, 2015

What Is Cultural Marxism? or, the Culture of Deception

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Cultural Marxism (and economic Marxism, too) can be summed up in one word: lying! That’s what it is. It was lying back when the Bolsheviks used it, and it is lying now. Cultural Marxism amounts to spending years telling one lie after another about mankind in order to change society. By the way, “hiding the truth” is the same thing as lying – in fact, in a court of law, you can be charged with “lying by omission” if you, in your testimony, fail to tell the judge/jury about an important fact during a trial. Cultural Marxism (and economic Marxism, too) should be illegal, since it harms Western culture. Western culture is very valuable and it needs to be protected from idiots who would try to subvert it.


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