21 March, 2016

Being Nice to Cuba: How Does It Benefit America (Besides Benefiting Wealthy Real-Estate Developers and Car Collectors)?

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Cuba: an island still enslaved by a Jewish ideology called communism [1]. As George Lincoln Rockwell asked: why did U.S. soldiers travel 10,000 miles to fight communism in Vietnam, but not travel 90 miles to fight communism in Cuba? Of course, we’re not supposed to ask such questions. Adding insult to injury, America paved the way for Castro’s communist rule: the U.S. government told the anti-communist leader Fulgencio Batista to step down, and surprisingly, he did.


[1] granted, after the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba was forced to allow some small-time capitalism in order to survive

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  7. 2 Responses to “Being Nice to Cuba: How Does It Benefit America (Besides Benefiting Wealthy Real-Estate Developers and Car Collectors)?”

    1. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Within a few years US companies will be opening hotels and gaming establishments on the island. Obama is just following the instructions given to him by his handlers. Obviously, the usefulness of having a Communist “enemy” 100 miles off Florida has come to an end. It has been decided that Cuba is no longer the Golem any more and that Putin and the Muslims more than fit that bill.

    2. FD4Ever Says:

      No car collector is going to want any old car from Cuba. They are all rolling wrecks with Russian truck engines and held together with baling wire. And I’m sure Cuba won’t allow any to be exported, as is the case in most South AMerican countries where anything you’d want is protected by “national treasure” laws. It’s so that bureaucrats can command huge bribes for allowing the few really desirable pieces to be smuggled out.