29 May, 2016

Memorial Day and Unnecessary Wars

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(Above: a U.S. soldier who was executed by communist forces, Korea, circa 1951. President Harry Truman had no legal authority to send U.S. troops to Korea. Only Congress can declare war, and it didn’t. Congress has not declared war since World War II. Odd, huh?).

This Memorial Day, let us remember all of the innocent White men who were killed in the unnecessary American wars, e.g., WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, etc. How were these wars unnecessary? Only a couple of times in history was America attacked by enemy soldiers, and one of those times war was actually provoked by America [1].

[1] the British invaded upper Michigan during the War of 1812; Hawaii was bombed by Japanese warplanes and invaded by a few Japanese mini-submarines in 1941. Furthermore, America caused Japan to bomb Hawaii in 1941 (by embargoing Japan, seizing her assets and canceling treaties) and president F.D. Roosevelt was actually hoping that the Japanese attack would happen in order for America to get into World War II and help Britain. Interestingly, neither Michigan nor Hawaii were states when they were attacked; they were U.S. territories

  • 5 Responses to “Memorial Day and Unnecessary Wars”

    1. fd Says:

      Confederate Memorial Day was exclusive to the Southern Confederacy. The Federals on the Potomac wasted no time in smothering the holiday, making it a national day of memory. No problem except that it feels more like federally controlled patriotism under central despotism. Identity and individualism is not tolerated.

    2. Luke Says:

      I am literally amazed by how many otherwise reasonably intelligent White Americans still, after 71 years and with the advent of the World Wide Web research capabilities – still parrot the totally bogus narrative that FDR and the Military Industrial Complex, in conjunction with jewish controlled Hollywood – spoon them about WW2.

    3. Joe Says:

      Sadly, Luke… most people don’t use the world-wide-web for anything resembling “research”. That’s too hard and requires thinking. Their computer is just a more personal mini-TV at their fingertips for vapid amusements. How are Kim & Kanye getting along? Who won the ball game? Ooooo… let me get on my FaceBook to tell everyone what a great bowel movement I had!
      All mindless tripe worthy of a species going extinct.

    4. fd Says:

      All the propaganda coming out of WW2 is a strong power base for the international jew to operate from. They are a hard bent desperate people.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Wars are the jews’ harvests.