9 June, 2016

Country Music: Jewed Downward Like Everything Else

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Country music was a unique, regional thing, with its own sound and its own sub-culture. Unlike the heavily-Black roots of rock music (e.g., Muddy Waters, Ike Turner, Chuck Berry), the roots of country music were White [1]. Country music was formerly known as hillbilly music. But today, “country” music is just another commodity for the Jews to profit from (while they wreck it at the same time, just like they wreck everything else they touch).


[1] granted, Whites adopted rock music as their own, and hard rock/heavy metal is particularly White

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    1. fd Says:

      Most music contracts coming out of Nashville are managed and approved by the money powers in New York city. This information was in a book at the Fine Arts Library, University of Texas. A comment by Waylon Jennings in the text was negative toward New York management.

      Short of White technology, Negro music would be reduced to beating a hollow log in Togoland.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      What they peddle is mostly crap these days Cowboy hat- wearing clowns “influenced” by April Lavigne. Cant stand to listen to it.

    3. carlos hathitachi Says:

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but country music was invented by Jews.

      Its predecessors and inspirations were white, of course. But popular music before 1920 was the same everywhere,more or less. Out West, they had “opera houses” , but little grand opera or even Gilbert and Sullivan was sung: it was just the popular music and some light classics heard in New York.

      There were “folk” performers in the Appalachians, the Adirondacks, and other isolated areas where English and Celtic traditional music had persisted in modified form, and of course topical and novelty songs about the peculiar realities of life on the frontier, or rural life generally. But there was no such thing as “country music”.

      Enter the radio. Rural farms had no electricity, but since the radios of the 1920s ran not on AC but on batteries-lead acid car batteries for the tube filaments and stacks of dry cells for the plate voltage needed-farmers of all but the meanest means had radios by 1925 or so. The problem was that by then popular radio had limited appeal to farmers, so a new programming style was invented to have special appeal to them.

      “Hillbilly” records started being made for white rural audiences, just as “race” records were made for blacks. The regular stations did not play either. Because AM stations could reach for hundreds, even thousands of miles and could be heard clearly on the battery tube sets in rural areas where there was no interference from electrical appliances and power grids, someone came up with the idea of playing this material on stations like WSM in Nashville at night. Listeners all through the South and much of the Plains could clearly hear them.

      Most of us can guess who that ((someone)) was.

      In addition, regular music publishers would not publish this hillbilly music. New publishers sprang up, such as Hill and Range, owned by ((Auerbach)).

      Country music was therefore controlled by Jews from day one.

      Early country performers learned quickly enough whom they must stay on the good side of.

      Few country stars were Jewish themselves, but most had Jewish management, or Jewish promoters.

      The intent of most of these promoters was to make money, but whenever Jews do something, certain tendencies show up.

    4. fd Says:

      In the 1970s, the South unleashed a music Renaissance hitherto unknown. Rock and rollers and country singers would open for each other at music venues to warm the crowd up: Charlie Daniels Band, Rolling Stones, whoever. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash recorded and album of country classics in Nashville.

      Rolling Stones tribute Waylon Jennings live in Austin:


    5. fd Says:

      carlos hathitachi says: . . . country music was invented by Jews.” That doesn’t pass the laugh test :)

      Country music originated long before electronic music recordings were transferred to radio, juke box, records, etc. Live Country music was born out of folk music of the Scottish, Irish, English clans. Its roots can be found in Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and deep South.

      That Jews eventually got in on the act as middlemen gives them no standing other than money counters.