15 July, 2016

After the France Terrorist Truck Attack: Which Way, Europe?

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Hey, Europe, how’s that “diversity” thing working out for ya? Got enough brown immigrants yet? (How ironic that those people who were killed by the truck in France were celebrating the horrible “Bastille Day” which should not be celebrated by anyone [1]). Here’s a thought, Europe: why not make your Muslims “self-deport themselves”? How? Strip them of their citizenship and of all government benefits, such as welfare and food stamps, and prohibit them from working, or even traveling, in Europe. They would be forced to leave Europe by default.

[Article] and [Article].

[1] Bastille Day: a celebration of mass murder and “early communism.” Even the big French Revolution figures, e.g., Danton and Robespierre, were eventually murdered on the guillotine; France had “eaten itself.” It says a lot about France that Bastille Day is still celebrated today

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  7. One Response to “After the France Terrorist Truck Attack: Which Way, Europe?”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Muslims and other ‘browns’ are doing what comes naturally to them, in fact their ‘holy book’ the Koran commands them to kill the ‘infidel’, that’s us.
      In that respect Muslims are just like jews who are similarly commanded by their tribal god to cheat, rob and if necessary murder non jews.
      The European politicians who continually promote turd world immigration are those responsible for the atrocity in Nice. These politicians are greedy lying SOBs but they aren’t fools, they know Muslims were deliberately brought into Europe for the express purpose of displacing, dispossessing and murdering the White population.
      For that monstrous crime there is no statute of limitations, the day of the rope will come.