13 March, 2017

In Order To Save the Planet, White People Must Vanish?, or, Those Evil White People!

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Holy Green Marxism, dude! As if! As if brown people would be good stewards of the Earth! As if India, Mexico, Brazil and China aren’t swimming in pollution and filth! China has extremely dirty air – you can’t see the sun on some days; ditto in New Delhi, India. In Mexico, they throw their trash onto the side of the road. What a total fantasy: Brown Man as Earth’s loving caretaker! You might as well believe in the Easter Bunny or honest politicians.


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  7. One Response to “In Order To Save the Planet, White People Must Vanish?, or, Those Evil White People!”

    1. fd Says:

      The article is a non-stop sterile repetition. Every other sentence repeated itself.

      Mr. Roberto D. Hernández, racists pioneers streaming into Texas in the 1820s described Mexicans as an African, Indian, Spanish, Moorish mixture.

      Put this in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Roberto D. Hernández:


      “An admixture of two unequal races is therefore a cancer, an unpardonable sin against mankind and against nature, which has launched an ever flaming curse on all such connections; inasmuch as she lets the mongrels invariably inherit all the vices and evil traits of both races and rarely, or never, any of the good. Nature absolutely disallows the adulteration of blood; and herein she shows herself to be an aristocrat of the purest water. Every violation of these laws she visits in the most condign and pitiless manner.”