29 March, 2017

NATO is Planting Flags All Over the World, With Help From Its Attack Dog, the USA, or, Getting NATO’d Twice

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Why on earth would NATO need to expand? After all, the old Soviet Union is dead and the Cold War is over (NATO was created, it was said, to counter the Soviet threat to the West). This new NATO expansion is pure baloney. The expansion is designed to threaten Vladimir Putin into cooperating with America’s New World Order agenda, but he won’t cooperate [1]; in fact, the opposite is true: as NATO surrounds Putin, he will become more aggressive against the West.


[1] America is NATO’s attack dog. Consider, for example, the 1999 NATO air attacks on Serbia: of the 1,000 NATO warplanes involved, nearly 800 were American; in other words, most of them. Furthermore, most of the NATO warships that launched cruise missiles at Serbia were American. The NATO attack on Serbia was essentially an American action, and it was instigated by Jews in the Clinton Administration who hated the Serbs for their own ethnic reasons

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