20 March, 2017

Speaking of Feminism

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Seen on the TV (quite by accident): a few minutes of the cable TV series “Into the Badlands.” During the few minutes that I watched the show, a woman effortlessly battled 12 to 15 men at once. She used a sword to quickly slice and dice all the men while she performed backflips and somersaults like a circus performer. A total feminist fantasy: chopping “evil men” down to size with physically impossible ease.

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  7. 5 Responses to “Speaking of Feminism”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Lol-I used to love it when ‘Buffy’ would kill vampires while teetering around in little dress shoes.

      …however, this is no more fake than Spiderman, Superman, or similar fantasy stuff. Everyone enjoys pretending they can kill vampires and such.

      Me thinks you watched it very much on purpose–“Good looking wimmenz with swords, lemme get mah popcorn!,” you likely said. ;)

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Zena. !!
      Take a sword to these obnoxious Groids and toads outside the door!
      Then come back in and after cleaning all the groid blood up
      And finish these dishes and cook me some Spam and Eggseesses!

      Ahhhh! What a woman!

    3. Emily Henderson Says:


      **Spam should only be eaten in times of war. Dat pink slime, ew.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      You guys do realize these tv shows had Jewish actress bleach blondes…

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      Yes, totally.
      I never watched Xena. Buffy originally (film version) was a non-Jew and was supposed to be a campy movie about a cheerleader with a ‘destiny to kill all vampires.’ Just silly fun-a girly version of Spiderman.

      The Joss Whedon version on TV had all kinds of subliminal crap in it-very dark and sick, actually. As all TV is.