30 April, 2017

Alex Linder on the Jewish Problem and How It Should Be Handled

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Alex talks about this issue a lot, and for good reason. Newbies, here’s the main outline of the Jewish Problem, a.k.a. the Jewish Question:

1. Jews have been “at war” with Whites for centuries. Jews consider Whites to be their most dangerous enemy.

2. Due to a variety of factors (e.g., their control of the media and Hollywood), the Jews now have the upper hand against Whites and are very close to wiping out Whites via several different methods (e.g., by pushing immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, open borders, etc.).

3. Whites must learn that Jews are their very worst enemies and must act accordingly (but Christianity hinders such acting by Whites).

4. Whites can’t save the West without dealing with the Jews – it’s impossible. Whites cannot continue to ignore the Jewish problem like they have been doing ever since WWII ended. The Jewish problem won’t go away by itself. It must be solved once and for all. How to solve it? Alex mentions that.

[Alex Linder blog post].

  • 9 Responses to “Alex Linder on the Jewish Problem and How It Should Be Handled”

    1. Luke Says:

      Well stated analysis of our most important and most critical problem.

    2. fd Says:

      Jews have been uncovered for decades, even centuries. Maybe it’s time to focus on White enemies who sell us out for fame, fortune and to rule in the insolence of power.

    3. Wulf Says:

      Alex, true about the controlled opposition. For example as soon as the Brexit vote came in Nigel Farage of UKIP fell on his sword and retired. Next thing Theresa May the Jew is in charge. Not that Cameron or Tony Blair (Think the Joker in Batman the Dark Night – my god that plastic smile and those beady eyes). As soon at Marine Le Pen was really winning votes for an Independent France she falls on her sword and hands the election to Marcon the Jewish Rothschild banker!

      Stay Proud of our White culture and what our fore fathers gave us.

    4. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      May 4, 1970. Next top Kent State 2 days from now. Federal agents invaded the soil of Kent State shooting to death 4 unarmed students and wounding 9 others. The students were punished for having the audacity to denounce the expansion of the Vietnam war into Cambodia.

      Boomers were coming home 100 a week in body-bags, fighting race wars in the South and denouncing the establishment as corrupt and intrusive. Yet the police state citizens who did nothing continue to call the nonconformist Boomer Generation decadent. That’s funny.


    5. fd Says:

      ‘Next stop’ – typo

    6. Emily Henderson Says:

      Nixon called the dead kids ‘bums’.

      They were not all even activists (not that it mattered). Just students.

      One dead girl’s father was livid to see Nixon calling his daughter a ‘bum’ and it was a wake-up call to some of those good, Conservative White Xtians what they had for a government.

    7. VANESS Says:

      I say, put’em to slavery. Deportations did not work over centuries. They take other identitties, hide as christians or whatever is available…
      INQUISITION time. Seriously, there must be a solution. Cause the Jew will be back at it!

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Jews r a problem around your house ?
      Try new Zyclon B roach and Kike pest spray!
      Gets rid of those pesky Kikes and Roaches
      Before you can say ‘Oy Vey!’

    9. dan Says: