23 April, 2017

Being “Mystery Meat”: Not So Glamorous

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(Above: the late mixed-race singer Bob Marley; he was bullied as a child due to his odd ethnicity).

It’s portrayed in the media and Hollywood as being really hip and cool: being of mixed race (very often White/Black, but sometimes White/other or even White/other/other) [1]. But the truth is quite the opposite. People of mixed race have higher rates of suicide and illegal drug use, and are usually less accepted by their peers due to their unusual ethnicities, and as a result they usually have poor self-images. That isn’t surprising – in fact, it makes perfect sense. Really, it must be very confusing being of mixed race. Are you White? Black? Which ethnicity is the dominant one? In other words, which ethnicity is “the real you”? It must be very weird inside the brain of a mixed-race person; they no doubt feel “divided,” like two or even three people within one body. Freaky!

[1] marriage between Whites/Blacks/others was illegal in the U.S. (in some states, at least) until 1967. But since the Fourteenth Amendment wasn’t ratified properly, mixed-race marriage should still be illegal

  • 4 Responses to “Being “Mystery Meat”: Not So Glamorous”

    1. fd Says:

      The Southern states had the audacity to vote against the 14th amendment under heavy Black Republican occupation. A furious Federal government pushed it through illegally.

      Mr. Marley didn’t claim to be black or white. At least he understood that he was a composite of whatever. He was probably better than the people who insulted him.

    2. Luke Says:

      As disgusting as race mixing is between blacks and whites, I sometimes think that White guys who succumb to Yellow Fever and latch onto a Asian female are an even greater threat to the survival of the White race.

      I terminated a 40 year friendship with an old military buddy who, after 5 failed marriages, latched onto a Filipino chick. Not necessarily because this woman was not likeable; quite the opposite, in fact. But, this decision he made to miscegenate had such a profoundly negative effect on the guy’s entire personality and view of the world – that he morphed into one of the biggest race traitors I’ve ever had the unpleasant experience to be acquainted with.

      Having spent 4 years in the military myself, I sometimes think that White guys who spend time in the military are probably some of the biggest race traitors of all. They start out banging shit skin hookers overseas, and that seems to erase whatever sense of racial pride and loyalty that they might have ever had, and the next thing you know, they are marrying these muds and busting out mongrel crumb crunchers.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      Shows you that we’re biologically wired to be part of a ‘tribe’. Being part of neither ‘tribe’ entirely would leave one feeling ‘less than’.

      Bob Marley had Syrian Jewish ancestry via his Paternal line. Contrary to the ‘peace-nick’ image and rhetoric, he was an adherent of Rastafarianism, which is a myth cult, based around deifying Haile Salassie of Ethiopia. They treat women about like the Islamic or Orhodox Jew world do-badly. And his pot smokin’ didn’t do wonders for his cancer.

      @Luke: yes, a lot of Whites assume that because Asians (most of them) can control themselves and are intelligent, it’s somehow not race treason to create Eurasian children, instead of White ones. The Filipinos and other ‘lower level’ Asians are an even further drop down to devolution scale than Japanese or Chinese–who may be so much better than their fellow non-Whites because of their history of White admixture. Genghis Khan didn’t have blue eyes for no reason. And there are the ancient Tocharians (white Indo Europeans) of Xinjiang, China–lots of that culture, and its inventions (eyeglasses and ‘firecrackers’ which became the ‘rocket’) are likely White.

    4. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Also, Ol’ Bob had so many children outside his marriage to Rita. Typical kaffir. Can’t keep it in their pants. Here in Ol’ Blighty, he is practically a fucking saint, like all of these overrated wogs.