30 May, 2017

Jewish CEO Zuckerberg: the Fight Against Nationalism is the Struggle of Our Time, or, There’s Only One Legitimate Type of Nationalism

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“Our” time, huh, Zuckerberg? Whose time would that be? Jews? Whites? Pygmies? Anyway, here’s the ongoing scam, White people: Jewish nationalism (the best examples being Zionism and the “Holocaust remembrance” racket) is fine and dandy – in fact, thanks to Jewish political power, Zionism is official U.S. government policy! Yet, Whites aren’t “allowed” to think nationally/racially at all; indeed, White nationalism is illegal in most White countries. Why is that? Didn’t White people build Europe, Canada and America? They sure did! White people, you’re being royally swindled by the Jews, as usual…I mean, for hell’s sake, the way they behave, you’d think the Jews were “God’s chosen people” or something…


  • 4 Responses to “Jewish CEO Zuckerberg: the Fight Against Nationalism is the Struggle of Our Time, or, There’s Only One Legitimate Type of Nationalism”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      White Nationalism is taking the country back.

      I’ve never seen it so good – I’m seeing regular
      White folks on the street starting to become
      race-conscious and tired of all the crime and
      bullshit from the mud cultures.

      I’ve never seen kikes panicking like this on TV.
      My favourite sign I keep seeing at pro-White
      protests is” DA GOYIM KNOW This has jews
      quaking to the core.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The smarmy smirk on this Globalist Kikes hooked nose bitch face needs
      To be wiped off wiped a dirty immigrant diaper.

      This Scumbag makes me sick. How many “dreamers” did this clown agree to
      Take in?
      Answer. Zero!
      Run for Prezident?
      Our first Globalist Kike instead of Crazy Bernie?
      Jesus and
      Hitler Help Us!!

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Wiped off WITH a dirty immigrant diaper! !

    4. wolf Says:

      Yeah I got banned from Facebook because I posted “Iran is not the problem Israel is and the Holocaust was fake” on Trumps election Facebook campaign. This was after I’d donated some money to his campaign. Next thing I hear Trump is accusing Iran of terrorism. Yeah, I knew he was a Jew then. After my post some Jew started shrieking and said he was “reporting me”. Then I was contacted by Facebook asking for official ID. I said good riddance, as if I’d hand over ID to Jews! For those still on Facebook and Youtube, keep spreading the word all be it tactfully if thats possible.
      Encouraging news from Jürgen. Can’t wait to interrupt some leftist bullshit protest with some home truths.