11 May, 2017

The Jews vs. Donald Trump, Again

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“We’ve seen this before”? Seen what before? Is that a little reference to Uncle Adolf? Hmmm? Anyway, Jews have led the anti-Trump movement, not because he poses any threat to them, but because they think he does (never mind the fact that several Orthodox Jews hold top positions in Trump’s administration, e.g., Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser, Jared Kushner. Indeed, Trump doesn’t behave like an anti-Semite) [1].


[1] Jewish neocons have led the anti-Trump movement, largely because they think Trump is too friendly with Russia’s leader Putin, and is too isolationist in his foreign policies (but he has not been isolationist, e.g., his North Korea policy and his April missile attack on Syria, which was Zionism that would make George W. Bush proud)

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