26 June, 2017

Goodbye, Rainbows

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The Jews and their useful idiots, the leftists and the fags, don’t build things. They only destroy things or pervert/subvert things. A good example of the latter is the Jewish-built queer lobby co-opting the rainbow as its symbol [1].

Rainbows used to be happy symbols of good luck, of hope, of innocence, of beauty, parts of dreams inside of children’s heads. But now the rainbow has been perverted/subverted by the queers. The rainbow is now creepy and ugly. When I see a rainbow now, I want to vomit.

The rainbow symbol should now be called “the rainblow.” (Just saying that aloud will probably “turn on” the fags).

The queers chose the rainbow as their symbol purely out of spite and hatred of normal people – sort of like the fat, drooling neighborhood bully who stomps on a puppy simply because he knows that normal, decent people like puppies.

Goodbye, rainbows. You’re dead to me. You’ve been permanently “queered.”

[1] the rainbow flag and symbol is now known as the “pride flag/symbol”; despite their claims, fags aren’t proud of being freaks and they of course have nothing in common with rainbows. They aren’t hopeful, happy or innocent people. They are, in fact, the exact opposite of rainbows. They are strange, unhappy, unhealthy people. The queers should have chosen the black flag, or the skull and crossbones, as their symbol

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  7. 5 Responses to “Goodbye, Rainbows”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:


      I told someone the importance of imagery and symbolism, and they thought it ‘didn’t matter/mean anything.’

      I said if it doesn’t mean anything, why do they spend hundreds of millions on marketing campaigns? On injecting subliminals into a video or commercial?

      Symbols create mental associations with things. Gays promote the idea that they are happy and sweet, and a rainbow is supposed to convey this.

      It could also be a way to ‘steal’ the symbol from Xtians. Being an Atheist I don’t care about this, but can see that it could’ve been a motivation. ‘Take that, Xtians, you’re Noah thing is now our thing’. (Said with a lisp).

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Queers are ruining Everthing Decent
      Its true.
      Real Rainbows are Cool

      Fags usurping the Rainbow for their perverted purpose
      Is a Jew Tactic.
      Corrupt the Symbols of the Goyim!

      Oy Vey!

    3. wulf Says:

      Ultimately there will be blow back from us the masses – always happens. When the herd does turn watch out lol. Poofters will pretend to be normal overnight as will the Jews – confessing their love of morality all of a sudden.

    4. fd Says:

      In David Allan Coe’s book X-CONVICT, he states clearly that over 90% of murder in prison is homosexual related. Queers are a perverted, extremely violent people. Biker, outlaw country singer Coe beat one to death in the showers. The queer thought he had an easy mark.

    5. bd Says:

      Who’s left to honour the brown flag, which of course is the natural fagflag?