13 July, 2017

Canada: Anti-Racism Is Nothing But Anti-White Propaganda and Cultural Marxism

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Note that Canada, like the USA, was created by White people. Anyway, government “anti-racism” programs are only aimed at Whites, as if only Whites can be “racists.” As if only Whites must “embrace diversity.” Why don’t Blacks and Browns have to “embrace diversity”?

“Diversity” is really DIEversity because it will cause White culture to die off. That’s the whole idea: the ending of White culture in the Western countries. In other words: the planned genocide of all White people in the West. By the way, genocide is outlawed by the Geneva Conventions, which Canada signed in 1949 [1]. What kind of country genocides the people who built it? An insane country, that’s what kind. Canada, your genocidal “anti-racism” campaigns violate the Geneva Conventions by default. Therefore, they must be stopped at once. Cease and desist.


[1] i.e., the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948). Signed: November 28, 1949. Ratification: September 3, 1952

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  7. One Response to “Canada: Anti-Racism Is Nothing But Anti-White Propaganda and Cultural Marxism”

    1. wulf Says:

      Lets ship all these clever Jews over to Africa where they can turn Africa into a veritable garden of eden. I mean these people are the light of the world right and have invented everything including their brand of god.