8 July, 2017

Cultural Marxism: a Madness That You Catch From Jews

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(Above: the communist Jew, Georg Lukacs, circa 1940)

If you had suggested back in 1965 that a man could “become” a woman, you would have been hauled away for a psychiatric evaluation. But today, the U.S. Army not only believes in such male/female “transformations”, but it also demands that females shower with “transgender” males even if the males still have their penises attached! Incredible and mind-boggling [1]. At the rate that the U.S. military is degenerating, no one will want to join it in 20 years – with the sad consequence being that military drafts will be required for future wars.


[1] Cultural Marxism (a.k.a. Political Correctness), like Economic Marxism, came from Jews, and largely from the Frankfurt School teachers, who created Cultural Marxism from an odd mixture of Marxism and Freudianism. The Jew, Georg Lukacs, was apparently the first person to use it en masse/wholesale, at a school in Hungary in 1919. Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory

  • 4 Responses to “Cultural Marxism: a Madness That You Catch From Jews”

    1. Truth-hammer Says:

      Just left the Army. If it approves the transsexual madness, it is finished.

    2. fd Says:

      Let’s not forget that the hateful government on the Potomac made sure that Marxism was a shining success! The Anglo/Marxism alliance of the 20th century.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      The picture shows a scary plotting Communist Kike.
      Invaders from Mars

    4. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Hey look!!! It’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s twin!!! What an ugly looking wanker!!!