1 September, 2017

Assault on Psychology: Research on Race Differences Anathematized

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by Nelson Rosit.


“A third takeaway; the present system may be strong, but it is very brittle. It cannot bend, modify its policies, or compromise in response to the critique from the right. If it did so, its paradigm would shatter. The establishment’s only choice is to double down and unleash its curs, the twenty-first-century America’s equivalent of the Red Guard. The system perceives the White right as the only truly revolutionary ideology existent in the West today. No wonder elites hate and fear it.”

Yep. There’s one good thing about Cultural Marxism: it has a bad Achilles’ Heel: it must be forced onto people, and then, be re-enforced, over and over again, by Marxist “culture cops”; if not, Cultural Marxism would lose power quickly.


  • One Response to “Assault on Psychology: Research on Race Differences Anathematized”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      We White Nationalists are winning
      because truth always eventually
      comes out, everywhere.