11 October, 2017

ScrewWhiteyCare Redux

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Obamacare is the worst health care law in American history, yet strangely, the Republicans can’t, or won’t, repeal it. Obamacare largely amounts to “White people paying for the health care of Black and Brown people.” For some reason, Obamacare is called the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA). Affordable? Baloney! The costs of it keep rising and rising with no end in sight. It is funded by White tax dollars (20 new taxes on white-collar [i.e., mostly White] people were created in order to pay for it). And, most important of all, the author/creator of Obamacare was a Jew.


  • 4 Responses to “ScrewWhiteyCare Redux”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      I kindly object to the word ‘STRANGELY”
      in the first line. Both parties bow to the
      will of big jew, to screw the White Race.

      Understanding this, many knew beforehand
      that these fake “Republicans” would do nothing.

    2. steve Says:

      The economy won’t recover until the Jew wars come to an end. It’s that simple. The Jew wars are causing massive inflation, money-printing, and social unrest. The U.S. military budget is $600-700 billion a year. The Russians spend 1/10th of that on their military and they’re the world’s largest country.

      The military budget needs to be cut dramatically. The Jew wars have to end. The overseas bases need to be shut down and foreign intervention has to end. It’s the only way that the economy can go back to normal.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, since Michelle Malkin is a fillipino, I don’t think that you can say that Obama-care screws only Whites!

      She seems to be quite angry about it.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      President Trump is a one-man wrecking ball against Obamacare.

      A mighty blow was struck today.