4 October, 2017

The Failed, Criminal Country Next Door to Us (a Country That Nonetheless Lectures Us About Proper Behavior)

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The former, super-arrogant Mexican president Vicente “Giving America the Middle Finger” Fox: “A failed country? How can you call Mexico a failed country? Just because life in Mexico revolves around drugs, bribes, corruption, violence and poverty? Boy, you gringos have high standards, don’t you?” (Yeah, we’re funny that way; how ironic that the anti-American Fox became rich off of American products, i.e., off of American soda pop sales).

Mexico always complains that America behaves badly concerning our border/immigration policies. Well, at least we aren’t a country controlled by drug gangs, or a country sick with corruption, or a country where animals are routinely beaten and starved.

The country of Mexico has 31 individual states (e.g., Sonora, Sinaloa, Guerrero). Most of those states are controlled by narco drug gangs [1]. This means that Mexico is a failed country that is run not via law and order but via criminal syndicates such as the Sinaloa Cartel.

If president Trump is serious about policing our Southern border, he will ban travel from Mexico to America until such time as Mexico is no longer run by criminal gangs.



[1] the Mexican drug gangs control Mexico via controlling the politicians

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    1. fd Says:

      The CIA has been partners in crime with the drug cartels in Latin America for decades. Payola. Everybody gets paid.

      The plane — The plane. Look the other way Tattoo. That dirt air strip is part of the wilderness circuit.