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15 March, 2022

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What if America were located next to a decent, lawful country, instead of next to a toilet like Mexico? [1]. News headline: “Officials assail Biden inaction: ‘Mexican cartels basically control our border now’” [Article]. . [1] Mexico has 31 individual states (e.g., Sonora, Sinaloa, Guerrero). Most of those states are controlled by drug gangs. It’s […]

5 March, 2018

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Mexico is a shithole and anyone with half a brain knows it. Mexico is a dysfunctional nation and it’s actually a failed country since the majority of the 31 Mexican states are no longer controlled by the Mexican government but are controlled by violent narcotics cartels. America’s curse is having this horrible country right next […]

4 October, 2017

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The former, super-arrogant Mexican president Vicente “Giving America the Middle Finger” Fox: “A failed country? How can you call Mexico a failed country? Just because life in Mexico revolves around drugs, bribes, corruption, violence and poverty? Boy, you gringos have high standards, don’t you?” (Yeah, we’re funny that way; how ironic that the anti-American Fox […]

1 January, 2010

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More than half of Mexico’s 31 states are controlled by drug gangs, i.e., by criminals. So it’s basically a failed country, and given the level of corruption there, it’s hard to see how things might improve: [Article].

11 April, 2008

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Nigger and mexican fight over which gang their 4-year-old should join.

18 July, 2007

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Do American cities have gang problems? Nope. They have minority problems: [Article]

9 September, 2006

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If I recall correctly, Magic Mountain is the place where, in the seventies, a couple teenage nigger couples cut in line, and when my dad called them on it, one of the she-niggers started jabbering away in ebonics and then said, “I hope you fall off halfway across.” Some kind of ski lift thing. I […]