23 November, 2017

Clarification of Prior Post

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Re: the post “Who Is Really Evil? The Political Left-Wing or the Political Right-Wing?”

Regarding the mention of Jews as “fueling” the Left: the Jews controlled Hollywood, the media, and book and magazine publishing. Therefore, they sponsored leftism. They spread leftist ideas not only throughout America, but throughout the Western world. (This is in addition to the Jews actually creating and spreading Marxism, and founding many left-wing political organizations. The term “the Judeo-Left” is an accurate term and it should be used far more often than it is).

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  7. One Response to “Clarification of Prior Post”

    1. Chandala Says:

      Good point.
      I also use the term “Judeo-Communist” as much as possible, and Judeo-Marxist. There are probably some other terms, concepts, philosophies etc. that would be more accurately described with the proper prefix.