3 December, 2017

A Texas Town Quits White America

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A North Texas town (that is 48% Mexican by population) has dropped English as its official language, in order to be a “welcoming” and “inclusive” city. Sounds like communism to me. After all, communism is very inclusive: it welcomes anyone who will follow it blindly (just like Christianity does). America is a White republic. Learn it and live it.


  • 2 Responses to “A Texas Town Quits White America”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      This is an article that whips right over the head of most AmeriKwans.
      Also maybe so.e of our astute readers here even. OY Vey!.

      What is says in a Nutshell is your losing your Cunt tree Whitey!
      You are being erased displaced and moved out by a stronger
      Tribe that still has racial solidarity which Whitey dont have and ain’t
      Supposed to have unless your one of us heinous Eviiiilll Nadsees!

      Watching White America Die
      And its mentioned in Ho hum fashion by the Jewpress. What it is

      But its OK!!
      Its only White folks suffering. Go back to sleep Proles!

      Suddenly i feel the overwhelming Urge for FISH TACOS!

      Mmmmmm Fish tacos! !
      Tastier still with Cockroach Sauce!!

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Remember what THE GREAT ONE(my former boss)
      Said in MEIN Kampf!!!
      And im paraphrasing so i dont have to get my NS Bible.

      ” A Race which is expanding and conquering is a healthy people.
      A Race which is Not Expanding or even Contracting is a Unhealthy
      Race who will not survive when a hungrier leaner Race comes along
      They will replace the Race that allows them too. ”

      Now i ask the readers
      Which are we??