29 January, 2018

The God of Equality Must Be Worshipped

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(Above: the best book title in modern history. Indeed, which way are we going?).

The old god: Jesus. The new god: human equality. Never mind that human equality is completely phony [1]. It’s a 3-dollar bill. If you tried to pass a 3-dollar bill at a retail store, you’d be arrested! And human equality isn’t just a “liberal thing” anymore. Almost everyone is doing the equality bop (but usually without dance music). Human equality is based on a lie. Humans aren’t, and will never be, equal: those who are better should run the show and those who aren’t should just keep quiet and observe. To paraphrase the movie Rob Roy: “to know one’s station in life is a great blessing.”


[1] granted, Christianity and human equality are both egalitarian and there’s not much difference between the two of them

  • 2 Responses to “The God of Equality Must Be Worshipped”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Christians, both pew-sitters and leadership, used to believe that Christianity was the only true religion and all others were false, a waste of effort, or even evil. A percentage of the ordinary rank and file still believe that as a foundation of their faith, but now the leadership of many churches when they are not preaching the superiority of Judaism are pushing the new mantra of the ‘equality’ of all religions.
      So, the religious practices of Episcopalian Boston Brahmins are now on a equal footing with those of bongo-bongoland headhunters! Well, those elite patrician types had better be careful diversity and inclusiveness doesn’t cause loss of their heads.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      White loyalty is key to group survival; White Christian leaders have conveyed their message many times over – they are moral cowards.