4 January, 2018

The War on White People Continues: Cultural Marxism in the Public Schools

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White 8th-graders in Wisconsin are given a “White privilege” test. Here’s the funny part: your White tax dollars are paying for this, i.e., tax dollars fund the public schools. (Also funny: “White privilege” doesn’t exist, but even if it did it wouldn’t matter because the West is a White region and we founded it and only Whites should live here).


About the origins of the term “White privilege”: Jewish and Marxist radicals were using the term in the late 1960s: [Here] and [Here]. Add that to the fact that Cultural Marxism itself came from the Jews at the Frankfurt School, and you have a war against White people that is largely Jewish.

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  7. One Response to “The War on White People Continues: Cultural Marxism in the Public Schools”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      The fact that “The West” was founded by for and about White People
      Is now Racist Hateful Hurtful and Bigoted! !!