14 February, 2018

Bisexual? Really? (Again)

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People who claim to be “bisexual” are almost always homosexual. But they can’t admit to themselves that they are homosexual, so they adopt the label “bisexual” because it’s much easier to wear: “bisexual” doesn’t have all of the negative baggage that “homosexual” has [1][2]. A disproportionate number of famous people (e.g., actors, singers, writers) are homosexual. It is currently very fashionable in Hollywood to claim that you are “bisexual” — how edgy! How unconventional!


[1] “I tried to persuade myself that I was three-quarters normal and that only a quarter of me was queer—whereas really it was the other way around” — a telling comment by the “bisexual” writer Somerset Maugham

[2] interestingly, but not surprisingly, a Jew helped to popularize the idea of “bisexuality”: “The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG) developed by Fritz Klein attempts to measure sexual orientation by expanding upon the earlier Kinsey scale. Klein first described the KSOG in his 1978 book ‘The Bisexual Option'” — Wikipedia

  • 2 Responses to “Bisexual? Really? (Again)”

    1. Joe Says:

      Sam Kinison said it best when joking about the homo, Rock Hudson…
      “How can a man look into another man’s hairy ass and find love? How is that done?!”
      Only Kinison could put it so succinctly.
      The point is… if one matches the above comment, then he is a perverted homosexual… period.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Sommerset Maugham was a fantastic writer.