12 July, 2018

Chicago Area Officials: White Words Are Felony “Hate Crimes”

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In my lifetime, I’ve seen about a dozen people “get into the face” of another person during a confrontation in a public place. Not one of them was arrested or even ticketed.

Chicago is a corrupt, nearly-bankrupt city that has been ruined by negroes and liberals (just like Detroit). So anything that the city officials, or their Cook County brothers, do or say about racial issues should be suspect from the beginning.

I’m just not seeing a felony here. I’ll bet that if the guy wasn’t White, he wouldn’t have been arrested or even ticketed.


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    1. Stan Burns Says:

      The Jewish strategy of dominance and power is seldom one of open conquest by force of arms. Instead, it is the strategy of biological parasites, which make their way into a society built by another people, often in disguise. Once ensconced inside the gates, they begin to secretly and then openly work in concert against the host society: they undermine its solidarity, corrupt its institutions, and spread memes of anarchy, chaos, and a concocted morality the central tenets of which are the “evil” of protecting or preserving the host population, and the “moral imperative” to protect the parasites, which are newly and increasingly defined as possessing a kind of “divinity.”