31 October, 2018

Speaking of the “Trans” Craze: a “Trans” 7-Year-Old in Texas

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How can a 7-year-old be “transsexual”? She or he (the kid was born a boy apparently) has not yet reached puberty, isn’t that correct? I assume it is since puberty usually begins at roughly 12 years of age. How can a child choose her/his gender? Does she/he even know and understand what “gender” means? Can children make such important legal decisions at age 7? This is just hard to fathom. If anyone had made this type of “trans child” claim in 1970, they’d have been taken away to the giggle farm by men in white coats. Make no mistake: the “trans” movement is a revolution, not merely a “natural,” slow evolution. Revolutions are created and led, usually by people named Weinberg, Silverberg and Goldstein.


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    1. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      We live in a masonic theocracy. The tranny thing comes from the “Tree of Life,” which moves from monad to many to monad. “Out of many one.” The Jews want to merge the sexes and races together into the mix-race tranny, such as, Kim Kardashian. The Statue of Liberty is a tranny. Jews are, most likely, descendants of ancient temple prostitutes.

      Jews blew up the Twin Towers in line with masonic rituals. The Twin Towers were designed in the motif of the Tree of Life and the same motif is on Dealey Plaza.


      Here’s the best series on this type of material:


    2. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      Another good video that ties masonry to the USG to the Noahide laws to the trannies.


    3. BroncoColorado Says:

      The trans-sexual BS will eventually discredit sports and international brotherhood crap such as the Olympic Games. There is an upside.