16 December, 2018

The James Fields Trial: When Verdicts are Based on Political Correctness, Not on Facts

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“We don’t live in a free country. It’s dangerous to believe you do. And in the eyes of the law, it’s not about what you did, or what the circumstances were, but which side you are on.

James Fields didn’t get a fair trial. For one thing, his Sixth Amendment right to an impartial jury was violated. There were 7 women (and 1 Black) on the Fields jury, and women lap up politically correct “White racism” propaganda like a thirsty dog laps up water. “Oh, he’s an evil, racist Nazi! He must be guilty of super-aggravated murder! He’s probably a Holocaust denier, too! We must sentence him to 800 years in prison!” they no doubt emoted to themselves and to each other. Trivia: women couldn’t serve on juries in federal courts until 1937. There was a reason for that. [Article].

  • 2 Responses to “The James Fields Trial: When Verdicts are Based on Political Correctness, Not on Facts”

    1. fd Says:

      The ol’ Sixth amendment. The Bill of Rights was meant to be a shield to protect the states against Federal tyranny. It back-fired. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are weapons of choice the Federals use to strike down the interest of the people.

    2. Mr Crouton Says:

      Fields can be a Jewish name. And his mothers name is Samantha Bloom, likewise a Jewish sounding name.

      Fields lawyer was obviously incompetent, and should have had his client tested by Ancestry.com and it turned out he’s Jewish, should have played that up in the trial, particularly to undermine liberal narratives.

      Instead everybody took him to be Germanic, and hence they threw the book at him.