27 January, 2019

Leftists Desperately Trying to Save Their Cash Cows (i.e., Labor Unions)

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(Above: two powerful Jewish labor leaders, Sidney Hillman [left] and David Dubinsky, exchange goy jokes: “two goys walk into a bar, and one of them says to the other…”)

For decades, labor unions delivered a steady supply of money and votes to the Left. In fact, at one time, a politician couldn’t get elected without the support of Big Labor. Now, will the Left be able to save their union sugar-daddies from the trash heap? The Jewish labor activist, Sidney Hillman, was responsible for all sorts of labor-union gains in the 1930s, such as the National Labor Relations Act, which gave workers the so-called “right” to strike (without being fired for it! Ha! A clever trick), and the Fair Labor Standards Act. That was just what we needed: more federal government meddling in the private workforce. Indeed, Jews such as Hillman invented and pioneered labor unions and union political tactics that gave awesome power to the unions. Even Hillman’s wife (who was also Jewish) was a labor-union activist. (Indeed, labor unions should be called “Jewnions,” given the ethnic history of American labor activism).


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    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      That Jew that wanted to unionize the airbrush painters in Key West got his willie-wong airbrushed piink while his clothes disappeared.