19 January, 2019

Legally Fighting Cultural Marxism: If Trump Can Start a Trend, So Can Other People

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There are trends in politics, and those trends are always started by someone. For example, look at Donald Trump: he started a major trend by (rightfully) calling the media “the fake/lying media” and now lots of people know and use that term.

Well, we (White people) need a different trend. A trend that involves courageous governors, courageous senators, or, even a courageous president.

Cultural Marxism must be stopped legally, by law or by legal mandates. It sure won’t be stopped socially.

Here’s an idea for a new trend: We need just one governor to cut state aid to the schools and the universities until they stop teaching Cultural Marxism. Based on what excuse or need? Based on the fact that American culture is, by default, Western culture [1] and Cultural Marxism runs directly against, and therefore harms, our Western culture. It’s a threat to our safe, logical and orderly way of life. Such denial of state aid could start a trend that spreads across the West.

Here’s an example (how I envision it, at least) of how a legal fight against Cultural Marxism might start:

(A governor giving a speech on TV): “Hello. I’m Governor John Smith. Thank you for joining me tonight for this important televised address.

America was built upon the ideas and values of Western culture and Western civilization. Values like freedom, constitutional law, republican government, meritocracy, order, logic, decency, safety and morality [1].

But today, our Western culture is under assault in a way that has never been seen in this country. Our Western culture is under fierce attack by Culture Marxism, an ideology – like regular Marxism – that has only one goal: to destroy Western culture.

Therefore, by executive order, I have formed a permanent investigative committee to investigate and monitor Cultural Marxism in our state. That committee will monitor Cultural Marxism wherever it may lurk, but most importantly the committee will monitor it at the usual sources: in the schools and the universities [2]. The committee will issue quarterly reports of its findings that will be made public, and the committee will also provide a precise definition of Cultural Marxism to the public so it knows exactly what we are opposing.

Furthermore, as of July 1, 2019, any school or university in our state that, according to the investigative committee, allows Cultural Marxism to be taught, will no longer receive any state funding. Such defunding will remain in place until the schools and universities cease the teaching of Cultural Marxism — which is defined, for example, by the teaching of ‘Transgender Studies’ or ‘White Privilege Studies.'”

This action that I have taken against Cultural Marxism is long overdue, and I know that the good citizens of this state support me in this endeavor. Thank you, and good night.”

[1] despite what we are constantly told, White Western culture differs significantly from Brown/Black/Asian culture. A few examples: 1) IQ: Blacks/Browns have lower IQs than Whites, averaging 15 points lower; 2) the mental trait of cautiousness: Blacks/Browns are less cautious than Whites, meaning more accidents, higher health-care costs for everyone and more emergency-room visits for them, making it harder for Whites to receive emergency-room care; 3) political corruption and bribery are standard in the Black/Brown/Asian countries, but are not standard in the White countries; 4) the nuclear family (i.e., the immediate family: father/mother/children) is the bedrock of Western culture, but it isn’t in the Black/Brown/Asian countries, where grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles often live together in one household, and those distant kin often make household decisions; 5) animal cruelty is standard in the Black/Brown countries but is not standard in the White countries. 6) Asians are thinkers, but Whites are doers. This is why the West has run rings around the East. Whites are also more independent-minded than Asians — Asians have a more “hive”-like mentality. 7) attitudes towards healthcare: Western = scientific and logical, while Black/Brown/Asian = superstitious and non-scientific. The Western countries must abandon the horrible idea that “all peoples and cultures can assimilate into the West and become Western.” They cannot. Western culture is White culture only. It is not Black, Brown, or Asian. This is critical to understand. The Black/Brown/Asian minds are not White minds and can never be

[2] on average, tax dollars pay anywhere from $13,000 to $23,000 per year for a student’s university education. Needless to say, that’s a lot of money that could be legally withheld from schools by law/legal mandates

  • 7 Responses to “Legally Fighting Cultural Marxism: If Trump Can Start a Trend, So Can Other People”

    1. Luke Says:

      The vast and overwhelming majority of White males (and especially White females) that I know lack the intellectual prowess to even understand what the term ‘Cultural Marxism’ or ‘The Frankfurt School’ even means or represents.

      Why is this the case? Simple answer. The White males are too freaking busy sitting on their clueless, nauseating, and pathetic white asses in front of their Talmud Vision device – slobbering over, and worshiping their savage negro beast favorite football or basketball player-heroes, sending a very clear signal to any white daughters who they might have at home – that worshiping black savages is something that they need to do, as well, because that’s how to get their White dad’s approval.

    2. fd Says:

      The American people allied with Uncle Joe. He was the one who wasn’t afraid to cut the cake. When you make your bed, you sleep in it. Cultural Marxism and cultural race mixing is reinforced with Federal tyranny.

      Champagne and Caviar on the Potomac. Lavishly piled upon.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, it would be running against the wind for a white man to act like a man.

      We have Donald Trump. He is a man. Has he ever talked about sports or negro sports-beasts?

      I cannot recall a time.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Its a Great Idea!
      As Sponge Bob would say
      “Good luck with that!”

      The Liberals and the Commies and especially the Jew Press
      Would Howl and scream and carry on endlessly
      About How their “rights and freedom of speech”
      Were being violated. Count on it.
      They would use it against the people trying to implement
      the changes needed to protect our culture.

      They’ve had 50-60 years of pushing it and are on the crest
      Of Victory in their minds. They will fight to keep Communist
      Brainwashing. Using “freedom of speech ” against any
      Courageous attempt to right the boat.

    5. jqyhackworth Says:

      Enforce the border.

    6. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      fd Says:
      19 January, 2019 at 6:22 pm

      The American people, {no joos did} allied with Uncle Joe. { FDR call him uncle Joe in 1939 onwards} He was the one who wasn’t afraid to cut the cake. When you make your bed, you sleep in it. Cultural Marxism and cultural race mixing is reinforced with Federal tyranny.

      Champagne and Caviar on the Potomac. Lavishly piled upon.

      WW 2 was a twofer war one on US the other Germany/Europe. The kikes were preparing war full on against by 1965 way before the, back when when set up treason and murder in Pearl Harbor. The K.I.A. was already making social bs films to racially soften us up. See the book review for SLAUGHTER OF THE CITIES, by E M JONES will revile this in detail.

      No they cheated and murdered their way to this day.

      Read HUEY P. LONG, by T. Harry Williams KNOPF or read the reviews this Patriot, they had to murder him as every dirty trick they tried failed, and he honest to boot, then Hollywood alien made a 100% bs insulting film about him and his state/people.

    7. fd Says:

      No excuses. The American people marched the lockstep. They allied with the commies to destroy Germany. America did more to protect and preserve communism than any county in the world. The Jew boys and their lackeys on the Potomac have placed Germany under perpetual occupation. The states here at home are also under Federal occupation.