20 May, 2019

Big Tech’s Ongoing Deplatforming Campaign Is Election Fraud and It’s All About Donald Trump

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Someone’s targeting an American election — but it ain’t the evil Russians!

Here’s another investigation for the U.S. Justice Department to open:

The huge social media “deplatforming campaign” against American right-wingers is designed to alter the outcome of the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Specifically, the campaign is designed to suppress the pro-Trump vote by limiting certain political activity on social media. While political activism (e.g., urging people to vote for “X” or “Y” candidate) is legal, voter suppression (e.g., physically banning people solely for political reasons in order to swing an election towards the left or right) is illegal [1]. The deplatforming campaign began surprisingly early, gaining significant momentum in 2018 [2][3].

[1] “Censoring certain political activism on social media on a country-wide scale” could definitely be called “voter suppression”, which is a type of election fraud, which is a crime. Put another way: in this social media age, deplatforming or banning large numbers of influential right-wing people could definitely swing an election — especially since America does not have the “popular vote” system but instead has the “electoral vote” system where a vital state can more easily “tip” left or right (consider this: Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election, but Trump nonetheless won the election by having more electoral votes than Clinton)

[2] that the deplatforming campaign began so early (long before 2020) is a sign of how afraid the Left is of Trump

[3] “Deliberate manipulation of election outcomes is widely considered a violation of the principles of democracy” — Wikipedia

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