13 June, 2019

Soviet California: Trying Desperately to Create Human Equality by Hiding Racial Facts from Prosecutors

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All humans will eventually be equal in Commiefornia, no matter how ridiculous the attempts to make them so might get. This stupid plan won’t work. Despite fancy computer programs, people will soon learn, via word-of-mouth, phone calls, or social media that the criminals are Black or Brown.


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  7. One Response to “Soviet California: Trying Desperately to Create Human Equality by Hiding Racial Facts from Prosecutors”

    1. MP-40 Says:

      Yea if you don’t hear the race of a perp on a news report then you may know that it is vibrant diversity.
      I was surprised that the Bolshevik heebenpress showed the face of the Virginia shooter.
      It was flushed down the memory hole quickly just like the case in Commierado of the genetic misfire tranny mutant freak that shot up the school.

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