29 June, 2019

The Real Destruction of the White Race, or, a New, and Very True, Meme

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(I find it very ironic that all of the White Western countries signed the 1948 U.N. anti-genocide convention, called The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, pledging to prevent any and all attempts at genocide. Yet now, all of those countries are allowing the slow-but-sure genocide of White people! Slow or fast, genocide is genocide. Idea: send this article to your friends and relatives).

“The White or European peoples are being removed from the future by a process that will be referred to here as the “White Replacement and Destruction Movement,” abbreviated as WRDM. If this movement runs its course the White race will have no future, and the future will be without the White race. This removal by replacement and destruction of the most dynamic, creative and advanced major branch of humanity is a development on a scale unparalleled in human existence, yet it is never discussed, acknowledged or recognized, and the great majority of humanity, including the European or White peoples themselves, seem to be totally unaware of it, lacking all knowledge of it, to the extent that if someone informs them of it they do not believe it, and react with total incredulity.”


  • 2 Responses to “The Real Destruction of the White Race, or, a New, and Very True, Meme”

    1. Schiachperchten Says:

      Will your keyboard peckings and www page save the white race?
      Drive around any suburb in the KWA and you’ll see there is nothing left worth saving.

    2. Mike Andrews Says:

      Still beating that same old dead horse, eh Schiachperchten?
      Who do you suppose are the ones responsible for the presence of ‘the KWA’ here in Amerika?
      It isn’t the KWA who have destroyed the white race, nor is it simply a freak of Nature that white numbers have entered into rapid decline.
      Theosophical literature has long ago warned of the coming white disenfranchisement, as clearly noted in the words of H.P. Blavatsky, who wrote, prior to her death in May, 1891 that the year 1898 would bring the disenfranchisement of whites.
      What is the reason, you might ask?
      Why have the jews been so effete this past 121 years in overthrowing white rule on a global scale? How?
      Take my word for it when i write that it isn’t Negroes who are to blame for white plight.
      Under the teachings proffered via the Doctrine of Cycles we find the answer: White Europeans crossed the two-thirds point in their allocated cycle of time, as above, in the year 1898.
      As result, the jews have ‘had the wind at their backs’ in bringing empirical disenfranchisement to white Euros, under the terms and conditions described in Richard McCulloch’s excellent article.
      How so?
      Because, the Universe is a synthesis of powers operating under the Great Law, Cause and Effect, as conditioned within the agency of FREE WILL.
      There is a cycle of time for everything, just as hinted in Ecclesiastes.
      A definitive summary of the duration of the great cycles has long been available via Theosophical sources in a manuscript named the Brahmanic Calculations.
      In the latter we are informed that there are seven great cycles of time involved in the creation of a humanity — of which this is the Fourth.
      Each great cycle, or kalpa, is divided by seven lesser cycles called root races.
      Each root race is in turn divided by seven sub-races and each sub-race by seven national races.
      The White European national race, like all national races, is slated to endure thirty thousand years — 1898 marking the twentieth thousandth year, and therefore a standard in turning points that arrives at the two-thirds mark, which bodes entry into senility and the paying of recompense for past wrongs.
      Whites are now in pay-back mode.
      But don’t smirk, you readers, because karmic recompense comes to all who live.
      Plus, since whites yet have another ten-thousand solar years remaining in their thirty-thousand year cycle, the party is far from over.
      Therefore — present conditions will eventually give way to natural checks and balances so that whites are no longer relegated to a lowly status as exiles.
      At the same time it is only fair and truthful to say that whites will never again ascend to their former levels of power.
      Now: Having written all the above, there is one more thing to say before closing, which is this:
      On 12-21-2012 our sun made a quantum leap over His old track through the Milky Way galaxy, landing on a new, ‘high speed rail’ which you may regard as the Aquarian Express.
      On that Halcyon day 6-1/2 years ago our world entered the incipience of a new civilization in which the promise inheres in the stars that humanity WILL BE FREE!
      Ask yourself the question, what will it take for all of the human family to know true freedom?
      Ans: The jews must be excoriated from their petty thrones of power, yanked up by the short hairs and ‘hung up wet to dry,’ as the old cliche’ goes.
      Jews are as of these past 6-1/2 years already disenfranchised, but have yet to fully comprehend what has taken place.
      A poignant marker to the above was the ushering of Donald Trump onto the Catbird Throne in 2016.
      . . . Which latter falls under the old cliche’, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”