16 July, 2019

The “Western” Media: Spreading Bold Lies About Race and The Great Replacement (TGR)

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According to the Jewish-controlled Western media, the “great replacement” of White people is “a claim that ‘European’ people are being replaced by Muslims despite projections from independent bodies such as the Pew Forum saying there is no sign of this happening in the coming decades.”

“There is no sign of this happening”?? Hello?! Have you seen London, England recently?? It’s only half-White now! (And it’s not just Muslims replacing us, by the way). The very idea that you can flood the White countries with millions of Brown immigrants and not dramatically change the racial make-up of those countries! Those countries will become non-White, especially since Brown people out-breed White people. The Great Replacement will continue unless White people wake up to reality. And why was the word “European” placed in quotes in the article? As if White Europeans aren’t a real people with real genetic interests! As if! The media is the biggest enemy of White people. As I have said: say what you will about Donald Trump, but he did one very important thing: he made the mainstream media look ridiculous in the eyes of normal people. He totally discredited the media. That’s a big help to all White people.

(Prediction: it will soon be illegal in Britain, France and Germany to mention The Great Replacement in public. Because even today, when some Whites do fight The Great Replacement, look what happens).


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  7. One Response to “The “Western” Media: Spreading Bold Lies About Race and The Great Replacement (TGR)”

    1. Creepy Ass Cracka Says:

      Only the brain dead who choose to live in cloud cuckoo land cannot see reality.
      The great improvementation fundamental transformation is everywhere.
      Locally the enrichment is moving into formerly high class neighborhoods.
      No doubt courtesy of the bestest government that money can buy.
      The magic dirt doesn’t exist and there won’t be any utopia but the mud races who view their wombs as an ATM or EBT card to be charged up by mommygov will be easily controlled.