19 July, 2019

Video: “Seattle is Dying”

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Seattle is dying? Nope. It’s being murdered by left-wing extremists. Thanks to Cultural Marxism, Seattle, once a safe, beautiful city, is being ruined. It is now a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens; it’s full of flea-infested, disease-ridden bums who camp on public sidewalks and heroin and meth addicts who inject themselves in front of daycare centers (how do drug addicts get their money? Burglary). In fact, in Seattle and in many other liberal places, “the homeless” and illegal aliens have more rights than you do. They are legally “untouchable.”

The scary thing about Cultural Marxism is that it’s very contagious. First, your history teacher is pushing it, and then the whole school is pushing it, and then the whole city is pushing it. It’s a sickness that spreads like the Black Plague.

Question: Why are America’s mayors and governors allowed to destroy entire cities? Shouldn’t it be illegal to destroy entire cities? Why isn’t the U.S. Justice Department not arresting these city-destroying mayors and governors? In 1960, these political “leaders” would have been placed in handcuffs by the federal police and charged with endangering public health and safety, harboring illegal aliens, and misuse of state/federal money, for starters.

How far is America going to decay before Cultural Marxism is declared a mental-health and public-health crisis? CM will destroy America if left unchecked.

[Video, duration is 1 hour, 35 minutes].

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    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Denver is going the same route in the glorious people’s republic of Commierado.
      How fitting that man made “utopias” using stale obsolete fairytales from a 19th century heeben rat bum P.O.S. are turning into steaming piles of equality.
      It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of cupid stunts.