12 July, 2019

Zap! When Non-Whites Meet White Technology, or, The Trait of Cautiousness is a White Thing

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“I think I’ll work on the electrical system without checking it for live current first” — this Chinese doofus no doubt said to himself.

A web search shows that most accidental human electrocutions occur in non-White countries. Duh.

Cautiousness is a White trait. Being an idiot around hazardous substances/situations is a non-White trait. (e.g., I once saw a negro cleaning tools with lots of gasoline while smoking, and lighting, cigarettes. Furthermore, I’ve seen Mexicans with scary work habits involving ladders. Securing a ladder before climbing it is not something that Mexicans do, apparently).


In this video, a chink is actually being cooked by electricity after being zapped — watch the front guy carefully and look for sparks [Video].

A fried Mexican: [Video].

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  7. One Response to “Zap! When Non-Whites Meet White Technology, or, The Trait of Cautiousness is a White Thing”

    1. Passive Eugenics Says:

      LOL! Feel good stories of the day. Darwin is cracking a smile somewhere.
      Rub some of that magic Kwanstain dirt on the injuries and they heal right up.