21 August, 2019

If You Listen To Fools, the Mob Rules

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(The title of this post quotes Black Sabbath’s 1981 song “Mob Rules”; America is now under “mob rule”)

“Law-enforcement agencies can arrest terrorists, but they cannot settle existential arguments about the nature of American democracy.”

Well, there’s the problem! America isn’t a democracy. It’s a White republic founded in 1776 by 118 White men [1]. Only White men could vote or hold public office until rather recently in American history. Granted, America “became” a multicultural democracy circa 1964, but that isn’t what our founding fathers gave us; America is now stunted and shriveled and crippled, like a polio victim. (Note: J.M. Berger, who is mentioned in the article, has strong ties to PBS/NPR, which are left-wing entities).



[1] (a) the definition of a constitutional republic: the country follows the constitution religiously, regardless of which mob of people yells the loudest

(b) the definition of a multicultural democracy: whatever the biggest, loudest mob of people wants, it gets (e.g., abortion on demand); nearly anything goes, regardless of what the constitution says; 50% of America’s laws are unconstitutional, e.g., the 1996 Lautenberg anti-gun law, and “hate crime” laws

  • One Response to “If You Listen To Fools, the Mob Rules”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      The Kwan is getting wiped out on purpose. Too bad so sad for the man made utopia enthusiasts. A society that is too “advanced” to realize that there are only two genders has no future anyway.
      Look for Armageddon times seven when the Trumpster is gone as The Great Leap Forward will shift into high gear at that time.
      Rivers of gore and a Wagnerian orgy of blood, fire and death will be the only utopia that the manboons will get.