13 August, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein as the Ultimate Sayan

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(Above: Jeffrey Epstein).

Sayanim (plural form): the network of secret Jews who “live to help Israel.” There are thousands of them all over the world. They are “enemy agents” of the Jewish state, in other words.

The late Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had close ties to Israel, including to former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak. Apparently, Epstein’s usual sayan “game” went like this: entice a rich, powerful, immoral gentile into having sex with a pretty 13-year-old girl (who has been hand-picked for the job by Epstein or by one of his trusted aides; the encounter is secretly filmed and copies of the film are made). Then, enlist the gentile — now under threat of blackmail for screwing the jailbait — to help Israel in some way. This game was apparently repeated by Epstein hundreds or even thousands of times over the years. This game is apparently “standard” for world Jewry in general: variations of this game are played weekly all over the White world. Political blackmail is nothing new, of course, but the Jews are genuine masters of it, having perfected it with the help of the sayanim.

  • 5 Responses to “Jeffrey Epstein as the Ultimate Sayan”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Maybe the Russian bots got to Epstein. Evil Russian baddies and a big ol’ mean toothless hillbilly Nazi militia member armed with a quad automatic belt fed bazooka lurk around every corner.
      You must turn in your guns now so that the Benetton rainbow utopia where everyone is equal and the same can commence comrades. Forward!

    2. joe Says:

      What blows me away about all of this is how so many of our “leaders” can be enticed into having sex with children. I mean… I’m as red-blooded as any normal white man, but the thought of getting it on with a girl who’s barely entered puberty is thoroughly disgusting to me. Even 18 is too young. Sorry, but if we are to EVER regain control over our nations and rid ourselves of these pedephilic monsters, we first have to become “men” ourselves. 99% of our ancestors would have found these practices or even thoughts beyond the pale and fought to defend their race’s young girls (and boys). It’s pathetic that I even have to type this.

    3. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Yes, it is pathetic, Joe. I hate to say this also, but White men must submit their penises to God and Christ.

      We had completely nude men and women at our Christian ranch, and everything was pure. When you get right down to it, the human body is not that enticing. But God has declared that those who are in Christ are new creatures, the old things have passed away. We go naked to show our trust in His word.

    4. amazing Says:

      amazing how out in the open the operation was.
      the islands and the plane seemed to advertise.

    5. Sigman Fart Says:

      Is it just me or does Jeffrey Epstein look a lot like Barack Obama?