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13 August, 2019

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(Above: Jeffrey Epstein). Sayanim (plural form): the network of secret Jews who “live to help Israel.” There are thousands of them all over the world. They are “enemy agents” of the Jewish state, in other words. The late Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had close ties to Israel, including to former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak. […]

4 January, 2014

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Today’s movies can be summed up as follows: 2 hours of people saying “fuck” and “shit.” Isn’t that entertaining. Even women say those words now. But what can you expect when Jews, not Whites, run Hollywood? [1]. By the way, speaking of Jews, the original, real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” was a Jew. Similarly, most […]

4 April, 2009

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“Stein,” huh? Is that an Irish name? [Article].

28 March, 2009

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Another Jew is accused of swindling people out of millions of dollars: [Article]. More: [Here].

18 March, 2009

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Jewish lawyer Marc Dreier is facing a new charge, in addition to the charge of stealing about $700 million dollars from investors. Some of his former clients are Hollywood celebrities: [Article].