28 March, 2009

Vhy Does the Vorld Hate Them? Vhy?

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Another Jew is accused of swindling people out of millions of dollars:


More: [Here].

  • 4 Responses to “Vhy Does the Vorld Hate Them? Vhy?”

    1. S.U.N. Says:

      These news really shouldn’t amaze, save for the frequency they’re making the headlines. Kikes are just improving the techniques they pioneered during the Middle Ages but as long as they get caught…. lol!

    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      predictable race with predictable criminal energy.

    3. Terrorsaurus Says:

      To most Americans, saying the j-word immediately causes the hearer of it to go into protect-my-precious-beliefs mode. It’s an automatic reaction they have, and I suppose they got that way because the j’s have been running the media since, oh, around 1910 or so.

      There were a lot of jews in the kwa during the 19th century, but they really made their mass exodus here in the last party of said century, and so after a few years and with the help of the Rotschilds, they were able to really take over, getting their FedRes in 1913. That meant they could create all the money they wanted, stealthily or by legitimate means.

      My point is that we live in a jew matrix, a prison for our minds that we cannot touch, taste, or smell. It’s all around us, just like in that kookie sci-fi movie They Live. Brutus’ cartoon on the forum with the jew driving the white man in his skull is so spot-on. In every kwan, there’s a jew just dying to get out. Exorcism time for your typical kwan, but they can’t handle it. They’ll justify jewish behavior even as the jews rape the country – so hopelessly lost to reason are they.

      It’s sad to think that most people think of the greatest victimizers of European mankind in history as the greatest victims of all. It’s all so perfectly backward, just like the jews’ words; just state the opposite and you arrive at the truth!

    4. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Sell the same painting three times at the same time and then file bankruptcy. Yep, that’s a jew!

      Since the beginning of many recessions in 1970, Whites have lost money, savings, and homes for over 30 decades. There’s nothing to ponder when more jews have become rich or richer in tough economic times. There’s a reason why jews never lose much, but rather gain. Jews know how to swindle and they know how to be sneaky; therefore, they hardly get caught.

      Still, the TV set provides no criticism or severely lacks information about jews and their criminal behavior throughout history. That’s because very few read the newspaper or read news on the internet and even those are controlled by the jews for the most part. And so, the facade continues about jews being the poor, little victims unscathed.