29 August, 2019

The Ministry of Minority-Worship: Gay Rights and Goals of Globohomo

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by Tobias Langdon.


“This totalitarian system has a name: Globohomo, the alliance between globalist capitalism and minority-worshipping leftism. Globohomo is part of the Jewish Culture of Critique and is intensely hostile to Whites and White traditions like Christianity. That’s why it promotes everything that stops Whites having children (or, conversely, enables non-Whites to have more children). And so Globohomo is very enthusiastic about abortion, feminism and homosexuality. Abortion literally kills White children; feminism works to destroy good relations between White men and White women; and homosexuals are the vanguard for the hedonistic, self-centred and self-destroying behaviour that Globohomo wants to encourage among all Whites.”


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  7. One Response to “The Ministry of Minority-Worship: Gay Rights and Goals of Globohomo”

    1. Wewelsburg-SS Says:

      There is always one of (((them))) in the woodpile when it comes to the destruction of Whitey.
      It won’t end well for Hymie so they better enjoy rump ranger world now while they can.
      While Morty is celebrating and full of hubris the awakening is underway.

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