2 September, 2019

Human Pre-History and the Making of the Races, Part 1

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by Richard McCulloch.

“Since the 1950 UNESCO Statement on Race (written largely by the Jewish “race expert/race crusader” known as “Ashley Montagu” but his real name was Israel Ehrenberg — Ed. [1]) there has been an increasing tendency to claim, based on Boasian anthropology and in promotion of a multiracialist agenda, that the human races are “socially constructed” and their existence is not supported by science, meaning not biologically and genetically real. This essay is an account, consistent with current scientific knowledge, of how the human races we know historically and today were really constructed.”


[1] Ashley Montagu mentioned as being the main author of the 1950 UNESCO Statement on Race: see the 2011 article “A Racialized Deconstruction? Ashley Montagu and the 1950 UNESCO Statement on Race” by Anthony Q. Hazard Jr. There were two UNESCO race statements: in 1950 and a revised one in 1951; UNESCO was co-founded by a Jew named Rene Cassin

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    1. Joel Says:

      What bullshit!

      What are haplotypes? …A Race to the finish line!


      Israel should check up on that for “his own people” before he comments.

      The most inbred and angry racists in history, itz.


      Who came up with the saying “thier own people” I bet it was a Jew! …that saying is “politically correct” for all but Whitney.

    2. Nebelwerfer-SS Says:

      Have you heard about the Omar infiltrator from Minnesota asking the UN to police our Southern border?
      Why would this esteemed party member comrade want to slow down all the utopians that are coming across the border for the Whitey cracka taxpayer provided free milk and honey?
      Will the national comrade’s ID card and biochipping be next? (rhetorical)
      Ohh…the erasure of any borders is part of the plan for the one world utopians so the free flow of drugs and humans can continue unabated.
      Will China and Russia happily play the role of vassal states in the JWO?
      Only time will tell so tune in next time, same Kwan time, same Kwan channel!

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Hip,hip! Ashley Montagu,here, old chaps! Cheerio!