4 September, 2019

Life in America Sucks While Liberals Are In It

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Liberals politicize everything. Literally everything. Food. The weather. Dogs. Cars. Water. Lawn mowers. Straws. Trees. Everything. Why do leftists politicize everything? Because they’re assholes. They’re like Jews, but with different genes. [Article]. Liberals should be banned from politics by federal law. They’re like hyperactive children in adult bodies.

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    1. always question everything Says:

      Who will they blame for the deplorable conditions when there is only the one party rule of the Communist Party USA also known as the democrats?
      Will the true believers get restless when they see that utopia is banished forever?
      Are some people just not meant to live free and have to have a mommygov to manage their lives?
      Did you hear about the poor downtrodden lifetime democrat voter immigrant getting off with not even a slap on the wrist for shooting Kate Steinle in San Franshithole?
      I know it is Kwanifornia but where is the common man anger over this? Is Steinle accepted collateral damage on the road to the new Soviet utopia?

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The desire to not die is within us all. Some people accumulate money to perpetuate the illusion of deathlessness and importance. Some people produce works of art to ensure a type of immortality. Others engage in sex or drugs. It all comes from ego.

      Liberals become busy-bodies and engage in talking and politics to give themselves a sense of deathlessness and importance.

      The truth is, that you cannot change the world, you are not important and the world will carry on without you, as if you had never even been here. You are a tadpole in a pond with hundreds and hundreds of other tadpoles, and there are hundreds and hundreds of such ponds.

      A spiritual orientation is a necessity for all people.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, you are so right!

      When I airbrush naked women, they ask me, “What will people think when I walk out of here wearing only a thin layer of paint?”

      I tell them, “There will not be any fireworks. They will glance at you, but that is about all. Just know, yourself, that you are beautiful and that you are doing something that they can only dream about.”

      Isn’t that the key to it all? To know ourselves that we are worthy, and to have the courage to act on that? I don’t have to have someone to give me a certificate that says that I am an artist, a good father, or that I am a worthy person—it is something that I feel in my very bones.

    4. Sigman Fart Says:

      Black, Yellow Red and Brown!

      Let’s worktogether, to destroy this town.

      Oh yeah!

    5. Joel Says:

      Those trouble making jews are Liberals (70% to be precise)

    6. Joel Says:

      Liberalism only benefits the tanked out Black American race and the somewhat backwards Mexican race. Always feeding the ever parasitic shitty bacterium little jew.

    7. Joel Says:

      The nigger is parasitic too, and the Mexican, legal or illegal, is a bacterium little asshole.