10 September, 2019

Tikkun Olam: It Spreads Like a Global Disease, Which It Is

Posted by Socrates in America, America-as-a-global-policeman, democracy, democrazy, global citizens, global citizenship/world citizenship, global vs. local/regional, globalization, jewed foreign policy, Jewed philosophy, jewed politics, Jewish aggression, Jewish arrogance, Jewish democracy, Jewish World Revolution, Jewmocracy, jewntiles, New World Order, NWO, One World, One People and Free Tacos for Everybody!, tikkun olam at 10:56 am | Permanent Link

The Jews, 1919: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!”

America, 2019: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!”

Call me crazy, but I’m seein’ a connection here!


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