3 September, 2019

Video: Where Are the Fascists?

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(Above: Woody Guthrie with his slogan, circa 1943)

Here’s what’s printed on this guy’s piano (on both sides!): “This machine kills fascists.” Is that a subtle reference to the so-called “Orange-Haired Fascist” who isn’t a fascist at all but is really just a democrat? Anyway, here’s a news flash, piano guy: that’s an old slogan that was used by the communist folk singer Woody Guthrie in the 1940s in reference to actual fascists. Ya might want to update your slogan, buddy; how about “Jews and leftists are killing the whole world with their insane ideas”? That’s a more accurate slogan. [Video, duration is 4:00 minutes].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Video: Where Are the Fascists?”

    1. Winston Smith Says:

      Italy under Mussolini was the proto fascist state. He coined the term “corporatism” to describe the way the state and the economy were organized.
      Stupid clueless college punks who buy their Bernie butt plugs online wouldn’t know fascism from religious schism.
      Since Kwans are too highly evolved to learn anything from history look for the communist utopia to come to the Kwan after Trumpstein the WrestleMania carney barker is gone.
      As usual the much vaunted utopia will only result in a mountain of human skulls, forced labor camps, shortages of useful needed supplies and a glut of useless items and too stupid to work for anyone other than government apparatchiks.

    2. Joel Says:

      “Scratch a Liberal, get a Fascist.”
      -James Woods

    3. Joel Says:

      …he really said “Scratch a Liberal, find a Fascist every time.”

      A bit of extreme language.


      Why are jews, Liberals? They are misguided inbred idiots.

    4. Joel Says:

      …Not (because they are) inbred, because they are evil idiots.