28 October, 2019

Caution: Drive Slowly: Media At Work

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Is Donald Trump a polarizing figure? No. The media made him into a polarizing figure. Big difference there. The media decides who’s controversial, and therefore polarizing, and who isn’t. Citizens are expected to respond accordingly, and some do.

BBC News quote, 10/28: “Trump booed at Washington DC baseball match; President Trump was booed while watching the fifth game of the baseball World Series, being played in Washington DC.”

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  7. 4 Responses to “Caution: Drive Slowly: Media At Work”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Something is not right here.

      The kinds of people who like baseball would not boo Donald Trump.

    2. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      You cannot build a 1st world nation with 3rd world DNA

      …America was built by white diversity. So was Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia,. ..a new super cool white people was created.
      The experiment worked fantastically well.

      …Now its being murdered. Genocide

      “3rd World Diversity Sucks !”

      ” White Diversity Is Cool “

    3. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      These would make a cool T-shirts.

      1.) ” White Diversity ”

      2.) “White Diversity Is Cool ”

      3.) ” 3rd World Diversity Sucks

      4.) “Fuck Hope- Get The Rope”

    4. Socrates Says:

      “You cannot build a 1st world nation with 3rd world DNA”

      Great quote, will use it.

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