5 October, 2019

Kritarchy: Being Ruled by Judges

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In the old days, Congress and state legislatures made the laws. Today, unelected judges make the laws. What is a judge? A lawyer who wears a robe. (One of the federal judges who was appointed by Barack Obama had never sat on a judicial bench before. But wait, it gets better: her name is Elena Kagan, a U.S. Supreme Court justice! Yes. She had never sat on a bench before being appointed to the Supreme Court. Only in modern America could a Black president appoint a Jew with no experience to the highest court in the land!).


“Many Americans thought they were getting real change when they elected Donald Trump president on a platform of immigration restriction. In the teeth of Ruling Class hysteria, it’s still hard to believe that he was actually elected. Yet it almost didn’t matter. Judges have continuously overruled his policy decisions, seemingly out of spite.”


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