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5 October, 2019

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In the old days, Congress and state legislatures made the laws. Today, unelected judges make the laws. What is a judge? A lawyer who wears a robe. (One of the federal judges who was appointed by Barack Obama had never sat on a judicial bench before. But wait, it gets better: her name is Elena […]

12 October, 2008

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Such words and actions by a judge toward a non-White defendant would have seemed trivial and gone unnoticed in the 1950s. Of significance is the judge’s loss of retirement benefits. That’s unbelievable and it should cause public outcry. What do retirement benefits have to do with this matter? Do Jewish, Marxism-spouting college professors ever lose […]

28 September, 2006

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White men must never dare to defend themselves. So teach the oppressors. There is no arena in AmeriKwan society left without a double standard favoring niggers and other incompetents or criminal jews over Whites. Why do we tolerate it? What’s “good for Whites”? A nation without niggers or the jews who sicced them on us.

25 August, 2006

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Iowa Man Convicted for “Threatening” Judge August 25, 2006 @ 11:42 am · Filed under crime · Edit Judges are treated as a class above the law.  They are free to follow or not follow the written law in making their decisions, but should anybody resent their Diktats in any but the very mildest, lawyer-formulated […]