25 October, 2019

Leaving California: How U.S. Demographics Change and Therefore Screw Up Other Places

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(Granted, talking about this subject is sort of like talking about the Titanic, but still…). This podcast raises good questions about demographics. California and other states changed due to leftists moving into those states (thereby destroying each state they entered). How do you keep the assholes out of a conservative state? How do you keep the big cities from becoming more liberal than the smaller towns and thereby dominating everything politically/economically? [Audio podcast, duration is 34 minutes].

  • One Response to “Leaving California: How U.S. Demographics Change and Therefore Screw Up Other Places”

    1. Luke Says:

      I used to send flaming hot emails to the slimy, greasy, Israel pecker sucking cockroaches who were my Senators and House District Congress critters. I also used to call their local offices and tear them a new asshole every time these scumbags did something that was destructive and potentially fatal to the long term survival of traditional White America.

      None of these emails or letters or phone calls accomplished jack shit.

      Voting accomplishes LESS than jack shit.

      Today, in 2019 – I no longer trust myself to send emails or to make phone calls to these slimy slabs of maggot infested, race treasonous, Nation destroying and white race genociding rat shit. Because if I did, I would run a serious risk – if I spoke my mind – of crossing the line and winding up having a NKVD Commie Pinko swat team visit my house in the middle of the night and I would probably wind up deader than a dog turd.

      So, I do what millions of angry as fuck White race realistic Americans do. I keep my mouth shut, and I bide my time, and I keep a keen eye focused on the unfolding developments that even the hard core LEFTIES are claiming will lead to a second Civil War.

      Whites are entering an extremely dangerous and perilous time in the history of the USA. We need to tread very carefully, and make sure we never do anything that is illegal and which would hand an excuse to our enemies to unleash the tyrannical power of the new jewish controlled USSR upon our people.

      One piece of advice that I can offer. Tune out of contacting your slimeballs in the Senate or in the House. These slabs of human shit do NOT give a hoot about your views or opinions and any calls or emails you make or send, are only useful for them to build a profile on you that goes into their ZOG dissident master database.